Welcome to Mothertruckers - Lady Truckers Club  

 Friendship and Support for all Lady Truckers

Our Club Camp Out for 2021 is the Veterans Military and Vintage Show

at the Anglia Motel  - A17 near Spalding 

The organisers  offered us a great deal with discounted tickets for all members.


With live music  throughout the weekend and classic and custom cars, trucks and bikes on show on the Sunday this will be a great weekend !  


All proceeds from this event go to the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund  

Our Spring Meet at Peterborough Truckfest is always a huge success.


Not just a pretty face with a happy smile, member  Dawn Leonard was heralded as  a heroine after spying a collapsed driver at the wheel of his artic.  Dawn used her own vehicle to shepherd the runaway truck safely to the side of the road and then send for help no doubt saving many lives.  Her efforts were rewarded by Avon and Somerset police who presented her with an award for Bravery.  Well done Dawn x

Club Members Charity Fund Raisers

Well done member Lisa Power  - owner of Paynes Haulage - for recruiting so many guys and gals for 'Truckers in Tutus' and organising Truck Pulls which so far have raised over £5,000 for the British Heart Foundation. 

Mothertruckers  Members have raised over £250  for Bear Rescue  charities from monies raised from  Club Cab bears.
Nice to see so many bears in our cab windows and know they are helping real bears around the world  

          Kara Rouse and her Calendar Girls have raised over £12,000 for Cancer Research with their saucy -  and very popular Calendars.  Keep a look out for the next one.

Mothertruckers - Lady Truckers Club  at Truckfest Peterborough 

To join the club simply go to Facebook and search

MotherTruckers - Lady Truckers Club and apply to join - Simple!

As long as you hold an LGV licence from provisional to Class 1 you are  welcome